Frequently asked questions

What is the Old Mutual Rewards Programme? Toggle
It is a free rewards programme owned and managed by Old Mutual. It enables registered members to earn points for participating in certain activities. Members can then spend their earned points in various ways such as to convert and reinvest the points into qualifying Old Mutual products, buying vouchers to pay for products at rewards partners, or to donate points to charities.
Do I need a rewards card to participate in the programme? Toggle
No, it is a digital rewards programme, meaning that you only need to use your phone, computer or any other technological gadget to participate. So no card is necessary, instead you will have an Old Mutual Rewards membership number.
Why should I join the Old Mutual Rewards Programme? Toggle
The programme rewards you for learning more about money and making smart financial decisions. You can earn points, instant rewards or qualify for discounts simply by learning more about finances, your own financial wellness, and for taking steps to improve your financial status. You can then use your earned points to reinvest into Old Mutual products you may have, to buy a voucher for use at our rewards partners, to pay for purchases at our rewards partners, or to donate to an approved charity .
Who can become members? Toggle
The programme is open to all customers of all the companies in the Old Mutual Group, as well as Members of the public who do not have any Old Mutual products.
If I am younger than 18 years can I still join? Toggle
No, you must be at least 18 years old to become a member.
Do I need to have an identity number to join? Toggle
Yes – you need to have an ID number. If you are not a South African citizen, you need to use your non-SA ID or passport.
How do I join Old Mutual Rewards? Toggle
You simply log in and register on the Old Mutual Rewards website and create an account by providing your details and accepting the terms and conditions. We will confirm your registration and send you a username.
I’ve forgotten my login details and/or my password. Who do I contact? Toggle
You can visit the Old Mutual Rewards website or call the Contact Centre at 0860 700 800 for assistance.
What are the terms and conditions? Toggle
The terms and conditions are the rules that apply to the Old Mutual Rewards programme. It explains how the programme works, what you have to do to earn points and how you can spend your points. You can only start using your points once you have accepted these terms and conditions. These rules may change from time to time.
Where do I find the terms and conditions? Toggle
The most recent version of the terms and conditions are available on the Old Mutual Rewards website
What about giving out my personal information? Toggle
We may ask you for some personal information to send the right messages to you. We are committed to treating your information with great care according to our Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). Read more about our Privacy Policy
What does it cost to join Old Mutual Rewards? Toggle
There is no cost, it is completely free. You will not be charged for joining or taking part in the programme.
What information will show on my account? Toggle
Your account on the Old Mutual Rewards website will display your personal details, information on earning and spending points, your points balance, instant rewards, unspent vouchers and your transaction history.
May I have more than one account? Toggle
No, you can have only one Old Mutual Rewards account.
How do I check my points balance? Toggle
You simply log on to your account to view your statements of your points balance, including your transaction history. We will also send you statements via your preferred manner of communication (SMS and/or email).
What do I do if I suspect that someone has accessed my account? Toggle
It is very important that you keep your username and password secret. Notify us immediately at if you suspect that someone accessed your account without your permission.
What if I do not agree with my points balance statement or have queries? Toggle
If you have any queries regarding your points balance statement, you can call our Contact Centre on 0860 700 800.
What is a point worth? Toggle
Typically 10 points = R1. There may be special deals offered from time to time with other conversion rates.
How do I earn points? Toggle
You earn points for completing certain earn activities. You can earn points for learning more about finances and your own financial wellness, and for taking steps to improve your financial status. There are different activities such as creating a budget, using our financial calculators, making an appointment to see a financial adviser or referring friends or family to join the programme. More about earning points
When do I start to earn points? Toggle
You may start earning points from the moment you register for Old Mutual Rewards.
What if I don’t see earned points on my balance? Toggle
It may take up to 90 days for points from certain activities to reflect on your account and before you can spend these points. If the period of 90 days has lapsed and you still do not see your earned points, you need to contact us.
Can I transfer my points to another person? Toggle
No, points are not transferable to another person for any reason, including divorce or inheritance.
What activities can I do to earn points ? Toggle
Go to EARNING POINTS for the complete list of activities
Are all Old Mutual Group products eligible for rewards? Toggle
No, only certain products qualify. Look at the Product Category Table to view the list of qualifying products. Go to Product Category Table
When do my points expire? Toggle
Your earned points will remain valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of activity. If you do not use your points within three years of earning them, they will expire and you will not be able to spend them anymore.
How will I know that my points are about to expire? Toggle
We will notify you via your preferred means of communication (email or SMS) when your points are about to expire.
What is a membership tier? Toggle
Old Mutual Rewards has five membership tiers. Your tier status will depend on how many product categories you have covered with selected Old Mutual products. See question on ‘How do I move up a tier’ for more information. More about tiers
How do I know what tier I am on? Toggle
This will reflect on your account and statements that we will send via SMS/email. Your tier status will be re-assessed monthly.
How do I move up a tier? Toggle
Reward tiers are linked to the Old Mutual products you have and the different categories that those products fall into. For example, if you have three investment products, you will still only have one category because all of the products fall under the Savings and Investments category. To move up a tier level, you need to get a product from a different category. More about tiers
Are there any tax implications? Toggle
We recommend that you obtain independent professional advice regarding any tax implications arising from the receipt, accumulation, spending of any rewards, benefits, discounts, vouchers or points. Visit the Old Mutual Rewards website for more information.
How do I spend my points? Toggle
You will be able to spend your Old Mutual Rewards points in the following ways:
  • To contribute/reinvest towards qualifying Old Mutual products that you own
  • To pay for purchases in a rewards partner store
  • To buy a voucher to use at a rewards partner
  • To enter into certain competitions
  • To purchase airtime, data or SMS bundles
  • To donate to a charity
More about spending points
How do I buy a voucher to spend my points in store? Toggle
When you buy a voucher on the Old Mutual Rewards website, you will receive a QR/voucher code that can either be scanned or entered at point-of-sale, depending on the partner’s point-of-sale system.
Where can I spend my points in store? Toggle
You may use your points to spend in store at the following rewards partners:
  • Kauai
  • Burger King
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Baskin Robbins
  • KFC
  • Sportsmans Warehouse
  • Outdoor Warehouse
  • Nu
  • Steers
  • Total
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Dischem
Please be aware that our rewards partners will have their own specific terms and conditions in relation to any related purchases, product queries or refunds. Make sure you read and understand the rewards partners’ terms and conditions. We do not accept any liability for any damages you may suffer as a result of your interactions with the rewards partners. More information on how to spend your points in store
There was a problem paying with my points or using a voucher at a partner, who do I contact? Toggle
Call our Contact Centre on 0860 700 800. When buying a voucher, it will be your responsibility to check our partner specific rules on the Old Mutual Rewards website.
How do I receive my vouchers? Toggle
We will send a voucher code via your preferred means of communication SMS/Email to use in store or online.
I don’t have a MoneyAccount, how can I invest my points? Toggle
You can contact a financial adviser to assist you in this regard, or go to for more information.
Does a voucher expire? Toggle
Yes, your voucher code will expire on a specific date and you will not be able to use it after this date. The expiration date will be displayed on the voucher.
Can I get cash back with my points or get cash instead of a voucher? Toggle
No, there is no cash-back option and vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
Can I return an item I’ve bought and get the points back? Toggle
Old Mutual Rewards will not provide you with points/cash back for any for any product returns. The specific partner’s terms and conditions will apply to any related purchase, product queries or refunds.
May I transfer my points to another person? Toggle
No, points are not transferable for any reason, including divorce or inheritance.
Can I convert an unused voucher back into points? Toggle
No. Once points have been spent and a voucher has been issued, the transaction cannot be reversed. In addition, any remaining value on a used voucher cannot be converted back to points.
How do I donate points to a charity? Toggle
Qualifying charities are displayed on the Old Mutual Rewards website. Once you donate to the charity, the points will be deducted from your points balance.
Can I buy SMS / data bundles if I have a prepaid (pay-as-you-go) cellphone contract? Toggle
Yes, you will be able to use your points to buy airtime, SMA or data bundles by selecting a network provider available on the Old Mutual Rewards website.
What is Member Benefits? Toggle
These are special benefits to members of the Old Mutual Rewards programme. These additional benefits include access to selected services and discounts.
Do all Rewards members qualify for these additional benefits? Toggle
You will need to be on a certain tier to qualify for a benefit and your Rewards account needs to be active (not closed or suspended) at the time that you want to use the benefit.
How do I access these benefits? Toggle
You will be able to access the different benefits online or phone the number on the Old Mutual Rewards website where a consultant will assist you. For certain benefits, you may need to register, use a voucher code or get access online.
How do I know which tier level qualifies for which benefit? Toggle
You may need to be on a certain tier to qualify for a benefit: Take Me Home Service – Tiers 5 Emergency Medical Services – Tier 2 - 5 Legal Assistance – Tier 2 - 5 TaxTim – All members The Entertainer app – Tier 4 and 5 Credit report – All members Gym benefits – Tier 4 and 5 See the Tier table for more information. Please also note that there are specific terms and conditions that apply per benefit, which you need to accept before you can access the benefit.See the Terms and Conditions for more details per benefit.
What is a membership tier? Toggle
Old Mutual Rewards has five membership tiers. Your tier status will depend on how many financial needs you have covered with Old Mutual.
What are the Legal Assistance benefits? Toggle
You can access legal assistance in general South African law such as civil, criminal, labour, conveyancing, tax, financial advice and family law. Old Mutual Rewards will direct your question to a qualified attorney who will provide legal advice and send you standard legal documents. This service also includes one free 30-minute face-to-face consultation. You can access this benefit telephonically, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. More about the Legal Assistance Benefit.
What are the Emergency Medical Services Benefits? Toggle
If you have a medical emergency, you (or someone on your behalf) phones in and a qualified medical operator will advise the affected person until a medical team arrives. An emergency medical team will be sent to the scene, and if necessary, the affected person will be transported to a hospital. More about Emergency Medical Services.
What is the Take Me Home service? Toggle
This service gives you access to a pre-arranged designated driver service that ensures you arrive home safely after a night out, with the added convenience of having your vehicle safely driven home for you by a reliable driver. You may use this service for up to three trips a year for each life covered. You and up to two other passengers may be transported in one trip. More about the Take Me Home Service.
What is TaxTim? Toggle
This is a very handy tool that helps you file your tax return online. It asks you easy questions, fills out your tax return and then submits it to SARS. Rewards members can make use of this service at a discounted rate, which ranges from 25% to 100% depending on their tier level. You will receive a voucher in your Rewards voucher wallet with a discount code that you can use on the TaxTim website. More about TaxTim.
What is The Entertainer? Toggle
The Entertainer offers exciting 2-for-1 deals for restaurants, beauty salons, health and fitness, leisure activities and many more. The Entertainer offers loads of great features, it’s simple to use and you always have your offers with you, on your phone. Exclusive monthly offers and offers from new merchants are added every month. You can also share these amazing offers by sharing your app with family and friends. The Buy One Get One Free offers are valid 7 days a week (excluding public holidays) 365 days a year. More about The Entertainer.
What is a credit report? Toggle
A credit report is a compilation of information on your credit worthiness, account activities – it is basically a snapshot of your financial history. Creditors use it to decide whether or not to give you credit. The report also identifies trouble areas and identifies opportunities you may not be aware of.
Why do I need a credit report? Toggle
It will give you a view of what creditors see when they do a credit check on you. Your credit history is important because employers, lenders, insurers and others may use it to determine how you manage financial responsibilities and it determines your ability to obtain credit.
How do I request a credit report? Toggle
As a member of Old Mutual Rewards, you can request a credit report by the click of a link. You will then have to answer verification questions based on the information on your credit report (that only you should be able to answer). You will then immediately be able to view your credit report.
How often can I request a credit report? Toggle
You can get three free credit reports per year if you are a member of Old Mutual Rewards.
What are the Gym benefits? Toggle
Old Mutual Rewards has partnered with Virgin Active and Zone Fitness to provide you a rebate of up to 100% on your monthly club membership fees. You will need to be on Tier 4 or 5 to qualify. The benefit is only applicable to monthly club fees and not National membership fees. More about the Gym Benefit.
How do I cancel my membership? Toggle
You may cancel your membership, free of charge at any time by:
  • Phone: Old Mutual Rewards Contact Centre at 0860 700 800
  • Email: Give a 30 calendar days’ notice in writing at
  • Mail: Old Mutual Rewards (Pty) Ltd. Mutual Park, Jan Smuts Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town
What happens to my points balance when I cancel? Toggle
Any unspent points will be lost once we have received and accepted your cancellation. We encourage you to use any earned points before cancelling or terminating your membership.
Can Old Mutual Rewards stop, suspend, cancel or block my membership? Toggle
Yes, in the following cases:
  • If you have violated the Old Mutual terms and conditions
  • If you attempt to violate, abuse or engage in any fraudulent transaction to earn points or to use vouchers.
  • If you act in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations in relation to the Old Mutual Rewards programme.
  • When you die, your account will be stopped. Any points that you may have earned at that point will be cancelled. Your deceased estate will have no claim to any earned points.
I have some feedback/questions/complaints. How do I communicate with you? Toggle
  • Website:, and complete the Contact Us form
  • Phone: Old Mutual Rewards Contact Centre at 0860 700 800
  • Email: or
  • Mail: Old Mutual Rewards (Pty) Ltd. Mutual Park, Jan Smuts Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town

Old Mutual believes financial wellness should be achievable for everyone. Charging a fee for that defeats the purpose when it comes to managing your money. There's no catch - Old Mutual benefits from the programme when its customers are financially healthy and can grow their finances with Old Mutual.